5 Elements Culture

The Core Team will function as a Scrum Team with a quarterly objective to ensure effective financial, administrative, and project management.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

Business Agility

Business agility refers to a business system's ability to swiftly respond to change by adjusting its initial stable configuration.

Quarterly Goals

Instead of targets, we set quarterly goals.

Self-organized Team

The team is self-organized and picks tasks independently rather than being assigned.

Basic Pillars

Transparency, honesty, and trust are the fundamental pillars.

Learning Organizations

We strive to become learning organizations, with employees and customers learning from experience.

Trial and Error

Design thinking involves trial and error.


We prioritize customer satisfaction over profit.


Rather than micromanaging or pushing employees, we prioritize employee satisfaction.

Investment & Budgeting

Investments are made in training, marketing, processes, or R&D to keep up with new market challenges.


We adopt a fail-fast approach, learn from our mistakes, and avoid repeating them in retrospective analysis.

The Agile Mindset

Being Agile is not merely following a principle or method, but it involves embracing a way of thinking that is underpinned by guiding principles, defined values, and diverse practices.

Values at 5 ELEMENTS

Providing a solution to your customer’s problem through a product or service that is purpose-built and accompanied by a distinctive brand experience is how we deliver value.

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