About Solos

Solos are the world’s first-ever smart gate API developed in Laravel technology for easy entry into the stadium. Admin can create events at the stadium with multiple options such as names and users according to the Android and IOS phone they use. It is mandatory for users to signup first before performing any operations. The app has QR-based entries where users can enter from specific gates without any hassle of showing a wallet or ID inside the stadium.

How It Started

The idea for solos came from an urge to develop an app with the aim of preventing counterfeiting and theft. The founder envisioned a textile-embedded technology to deliver brand protection through authentication, identification, and track and trace capabilities.

Serving a sizable clientele of blue-chip companies across many different industries, solos is the first on the market to provide a wireless, integrated, smart modular system for inventory tracking, retail stock management, marketing, and security, producing more than 500 million labels annually.

What Was The Goal?

Solos Smartwear Technology was created to provide unbeatable brand protection, customer interaction, and system integration through authentication, identification, and track-and-trace features.

What was Our Approach?

Our team used a systematic approach to app building to fulfill Solos’ mission and vision and meet the predetermined targets. Our strategy included the following crucial components:

What Technologies We've Used

We combined a number of technologies to maximize the potential of the Solos app.

Problems Faced During Development

We had a number of obstacles while creating the tailored solo app, which necessitated creative solutions. Among the significant problems were:

Addressing The Issues

We implemented the following steps to resolve the difficulties encountered during development:

The Result

The app had tremendous growth and engagement among the target demographic after its successful development and distribution by itself. Users embraced the platform’s special authentication-based approach to trademark protection, consumer interaction, and system integration.

Overall, Solos was successful in delivering fully functional app that satisfied the unique objectives of its founder and target market, growing into a flourishing online community for brand protection and system integration.