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From concept development and ideation, to prototyping, engineering, and production,

5E has a wide range of core competencies.

Our Story

Headquartered in Long Beach, CA, 5 Elements Entertainment exists to help fuel the ever-changing convergence of technology and media. With experience in video games, music, TV, and consumer products, 5E excels at creating new cross-functional dynamics for brands and intellectual property owners. From concept development and ideation, to prototyping, engineering, and production, 5E has a wide range of core competencies. The 5E business philosophy is based on the fundamental interaction between the five elements: Wood (feeding), Fire (creating), Air (bearing), Metal (enriching), and Water (nourishing).

While 5 Elements was creating its own entertainment properties, we also saw opportunities to help other businesses realize their app development needs. Our unique view into the entertainment landscape allowed us to step into the work of servicing our client’s software needs. After working with companies like Fox Sports, EA Games, and Mattel we saw an opportunity to service our client’s web development needs as well as app development. For our clients, having 5e come in to create plans to focus the digital product branding and features allowed us to both differentiate their mobile and web experiences in a way that feels supportive of each platform as a part of the whole branded experience.


From concept development and ideation, to prototyping, engineering, and production, 5E has a wide range of core competencies.

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Core Purpose and Values

At 5 Elements, our core principle is prioritizing the customer. We hold steadfast in our commitment to customer satisfaction as our utmost priority.


Being Agile isn’t simply following a set of rules or methodologies but rather a holistic approach guided by principles, grounded in values, and implemented through diverse practices.


By providing a product or service (complete with its brand experience) specifically tailored to meet your customer’s needs, you create actual value that helps solve their problems.


As a unified Core Team, we’ll adopt a Scrum mindset with a clear quarterly goal: ensuring excellence across all aspects of our operations, from finance and administration to project management.

Why Choose 5 Elements?

We are meticulously situated to offer exceptional user encounters that cater to dynamic demands using state-of-the-art innovations.
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Action Speaks Louder Than Words




Ben Spees

Ben Spees has 25 years experience in software development. An innovative programmer and designer since his teenage years, Ben tackles both technical and creative challenges with equal relish. His range of experience has covered nearly every aspect of technical development, ranging from small-scale indie apps to AAA game development, as well as website and server back-end development.
Eric Speier

Eric Speier

Eric Speier has 28 years experience in the Music, Film/TV and Game industries. As both a creative and consultant with companies that include, Sony, NBC/Universal, ABC, Fox, Atari, EA, Paramount, and Marvel Studios, Eric utilizes his strengths forging product and business paths as well as team leadership.

Mike Givens

Mike Givens

Mike Givens has over 22 years of experience in the video game and toy industries. Mike’s industry affiliations include Activision Blizzard, Square Enix, Mattel, Jakks Pacific, and Spin Master. Mike utilizes his experience to stay on top of consumer trends for purposes of digital and consumer products opportunities.




Chirag Parmar Delivery Manager

Chirag Parmar is our experienced Delivery Manager with 10+ years of expertise. He oversees project execution from start to finish, ensuring timely delivery and client satisfaction. With strong leadership and communication skills, Chirag consistently delivers projects within budget and adapts to changing requirements.
Ankit Sule

Ankit Sule Project Manager & eCommerce Expert

Ankit Sule; Our Project Manager & eCommerce Expert, has been in the industry for over 8 years and has extensive knowledge in eCommerce development. He leads projects with utmost efficiency and proficiency while ensuring our work’s quality exceeds expectations. He’s the one to look up to when solving complex problems.
Maulik Parekh

Maulik Parekh Project Coordinator

Our Project Coordinator, Maulik Parekh, has 6+ years of experience ensuring smooth project execution. With exceptional administrative skills and attention to detail; Maulik efficiently coordinates and completes projects. His problem-solving abilities and effective communication keep project timelines on track, ensuring client satisfaction and continuous improvement.

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